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Dylan Assed

I design, write, and illustrate Universe Ball Anthology games! I really love this hobby because it gives me a chance to wear a ton of hats. It also gives my best friend and I an excuse to hang out once a week and make dumb jokes under the guise of doing something productive.


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We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We totally get enough emails to warrant not answering immediately. God, if you knew how many emails we received all the time you'd say, "man, those guys are popular and their book series is a success."

Sami Jarbouh

Hi, I'm the other half of Universe Ball Anthology! I'm a TTRPG hobbyist who has been lucky enough to design games with my best friend, and talented writer/animator Dylan Assed. I tend to favor improv-heavy games and love to make UBA as wacky as possible!

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